Link Round-up

I’ve had these in ShoveBox or open in tabs for a while, so it’s time for a link dump:

- At Vimeo Festival, a Call to Relax Copyright Laws: Copyright laws are twisty and complicated, but the problem here is that these artists are just substituting the legal framework and principles with how they feel copyright should be enforced. They want to force others to adopt their sense of discretion when choosing how to enforce their copyrights. I mean, DJ Spooky says that he wouldn’t enforce his copyright against an independent artist or someone playing in Garage Band, but he would against Nike. Who’s to say that Disney, or Atlantic Records, or a publishing company isn’t doing the same thing—using discretion in deciding how to protect or enforce their copyright? The bottom line here seems to be that these artists want copyright holders to use discretion, but only the amount of discretion they think is appropriate. (Which means, apparently, if you have a lot of money, you shouldn’t be able to aggressively enforce your copyright.) And that’s just not the way things should work.

- Boston College 3L Asks for His Money Back; Hilarity Ensues (Above the Law)

- Dark Knight vs. The Hangover (YouTube) A well-done trailer mash-up of “The Dark Knight” and “The Hangover”

- Historic Illiteracy: Idiot Sarah Palin “Party Like It’s 1773 After the Election” (Perfunction) This received a lot of coverage yesterday on Twitter. This is what happens when your prejudices, and your thirst to criticize EVERYTHING a person says, overshadow rational thinking (or, you know, the basic ability to use Google.) So here, not sure what happened in 1773? Let Me Google That For You.

- Althouse: O’Donnell and Coons on Separation of Church and State “I cannot stand when people jump to the conclusion that someone they want to believe is stupid is being stupid when they say something that seems wrong. Think first. Is it wrong?” THIS.

- R2-D2 and Dark Side swimsuits I love the R2 suit. It’s so cute!

- 20 Sci-Fi LOLcats that may actually make you LOL

- Guy Gets Revenge on Ex-Girlfriend on C-SPAN2 (Daily Caller) This guy is frakking nuts. Wow, what a personal ad…

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