What I’m reading today

- Adam Hughes’s “Women of DC” Poster Yeah, this is a semi-old picture, but I absolutely LOVE it. And this is a really cool page about the progress and changes of the piece. (Frankly, I’m shocked that Harley and Ivy were originally on there but Selina Kyle wasn’t. Catwoman has been a DC staple for decades! Of course, I might be a little biased…)

- Jennifer Loven, AP, and Jake Tapper, ABC Confront Gibbs about the $100 in Spending Cuts “$100 million is a lot but $8 billion is small?” I love Jake Tapper. (He has a transcript on his own site, here.)

- Crimes suspected in 20 bailout cases — for starters This is what happens when your legislators lack foresight. Or basic reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

- Caprica, the Battlestar spin-off prequel, comes out on DVD today. I’m probably going to get it after exams… it can be a reward for surviving my 1L year. ^_^ (Fun fact: Caprica is the name of my wireless network! And my Macbook is called Colonial One. My nerdity knows no bounds.)

- Twilight’s Vampires Defeated by Lawsuit? No no no, legal team. You are going after the wrong person!!! (Background Info here. And here. With supplementary links here. And yes, I am amazed that this woman still doesn’t understand how selling fanfiction is illegal!)

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